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    Best Winter Camp Classes in Abu Dhabi

    Have you been looking for the best winter camp experience ever? Then, you are definitely at the right place! Different people spend winter differently. We at Time Master believe that children should not just sit idle at home during vacations and should do something productive. Therefore, a Winter Camp Classes is organized annually for the kids where a variety of things is offered to them. Children, according to their skill, talent and choice can select the activity and get themselves enrolled. Time Master Training Center offers different activities so that children can get a chance to participate in it actively.

    The winter courses are not usually academic courses but certain activities like abacus and creative writing that are considered as academic turn fun activities when your child learns the same thing in a different way. Moreover, keeping up in mind with the spirit of the season, Christmas and New Year parties are also organized for the children where they enjoy and live up to the festive spirit with an enthusiasm. Children also share their experiences through storytelling or sketching and this helps us in improving their skills in a different way as compared to other training centers. Enrolling your child at Time Master is an extremely beneficial step for laying a better foundation.

    Following activities are included in our extensive winter camp program:

    • Robotics
    • Abacus
    • Handwriting
    • Speed writing
    • Art and Craft
    • Field Trip
    • Drawings and paintings
    • Vedic math
    • Workshop
    • Puzzle solving
    • Personality development
    • Stage performance
    • Awards for best performers

    Course Details:

    Eligibility: The minimum eligibility required to attend our winter camp is 5+ years, which is primary and secondary school students.

    Duration: The duration may be 1 month/3 weeks/half month (season activity)

    Registration Requirements: All you need is a Passport copy or a Valid ID card for completing the registration process.

    Certified by: We are certified by the Time Master Skills Development Center, the head office of Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Teachers/Students Ratio: 1:10

    Special in our winter camp: Robotics/Abacus/Handwriting/Chess + Fun Activities + Field Trip

    Timing: 9:15 am to 12.:15 pm

    Fee for 1 month: 1000 + Materials

    Fee for 3 weeks: 750 + Materials

    Fee for half month: 600 + Materials

    Fee for 1 week: 400 + Materials

    Entry fee: AED 100

    Vat will be extra as per the UAE norms

    Transport fee applicable if required from residence

    Course Materials Fee: Depends on the program the students select (Robotics/Abacus/Handwriting/Chess)

    The medium of instruction: English

    Teaching Aids:

    • Individual attention is offered without any request to your children at our Winter Camp Abu Dhabi. We totally understand each student personally and give ample amount of ideas to build their skills.
    • Our trainers work extensively to build Self-confidence in your children. By doing this, your kids will perform any activity easily.
    • Drawing/paintings/Crafts making/Science & Robotics, Abacus, Chess are few activities which kids do in our winter camp program.
    • Special training is offering to overcome stage phobia for kids.
    • Based on the activity, we give individual kit for every student.
    • This school vacation program will also enhance your kid’s general knowledge and thinking capabilities.
    • They are always ready to participate and gain good competency.
    • Our winter camp will help your child in removing competition phobia too.
    • After the completion of the camp, we give rewards and certificate for all the kids for accomplishing their program successfully.

    Benefits of our training:

    • Our winter break programs for kids will enhance their lateral thinking, creativity, social knowledge and build unity and fun.
    • Creativity, clarity, and Self-confidence will be gained by most of the students.
    • Technology knowledge is very much necessary these days and so, whatever the activity your kid does, we make them go deeper to learn from the basics to the core aspects.
    • Our experts are ready to infuse general awareness about nature to kids and make them think logically.
    • Our winter camp for kids is designed in such a way that they give a heavy boost to the kids IQ.
    • Children will enhance their skills in the course they have chosen.
    • They will also expand their achievement skills and we assure it.


    • In our Abu Dhabi winter camps, we take children to out which will be weekly once, this will be a field trip.
    • We organize various kinds of competitions at the end of the camp.
    • The parents Day event will be organized too.
    • Workshops and Camping programs will be conducted regularly.

    How are we unique from other training institutes?

    • We use various training techniques to make the children learn things effortlessly.
    • We aim at learning multiple skills under one roof.
    • We create fabulous learning and playing environment for the children so that they will have a friendly behavior with all students.
    • Timings of our institute are highly flexible and will be as per your needs and requirements.
    • Transportation is provided to everyone.
    • You will have 24 /7 flexible contacts with teachers and admin.
    • Individual care will be taken for each and every kid.
    • If we think that a kid needs special attention, then we take an extra class for those kids who need individual attention.
    • You children’s safety is our concern and hence we have them covered with the CCTV surveillance.
    • We do offer a parents orientation program where parents can attend the program to understand more about us and our training programs.
    • We do level wise batch separation so that it’s easy to teach the kids.
    • Time Master is the best training center in Abu Dhabi as of now and offers kids the finest learning infrastructure.
    • After the winter camp is completed, we recognize the best children and give rewards and appreciation.
    • At our training center, we guarantee good Motivation, kind attention, and cooperation with the children.

    Finally, we can say that we have the best winter camps in Abu Dhabi at present. Our training sessions are completely focussed on teaching your children good academics while they are having fun. Our program is designed in such a way that children not only learn but they learn in a playful way, which is making them remember what they learn. Many parents have reached us and thanked us for the kind support we have offered them and their children while the training. We have been very unique in everything we did and that is the secret of our success. So, reach us now and join your kids today!

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