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    spring camp classes, spring break programs for kids

    Spring season is beautiful. It’s the perfect time and a suitable way for your children to spend their vacation. Kids always love to get involved in activities. Time Master, based in Abu Dhabi, brings forth amazing fun-filled activities that will load your kids with a joyous camping experience. We make sure that by getting involved in our Spring Camp Classes, your kids will make the most of this season. Our Spring Camp for kids includes different activities, magic shows, field trips, fancy dress competitions and much more. Our camp presents a perfect combination of fun and educational sessions.

    We have our focus mainly on enhancing the skills of our children and thus we base our camp activities on unique themes. Yes! Also, to make our themes more stimulating and indulging, we have named them in a unique manner. We give assistance in building a strong foundation for your child through our amazing co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. With our exciting indoor & outdoor activities and educational hikes, your kid will learn unique skills and become much more creative. These activities will definitely offer kids a competitive edge.

    Following activities are included in our extensive spring camp program:

    • Robotics
    • Abacus
    • Handwriting
    • Speed writing
    • Art and Craft
    • Field Trip
    • Drawings and paintings
    • Vedic math
    • Workshop
    • Puzzle solving
    • Personality development
    • Stage performance
    • Awards for best performers

    Course Details:

    Eligibility: The minimum eligibility needed to join our spring camp is 5+ years, which is primary and secondary school students.

    Duration: The duration will depend on the season

    Registration Requirements: For registration, you need a Passport copy or a Valid ID card.

    Certified by: We are certified by the Time Master Skills Development Center, the head office of Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Teachers/Students Ratio: 1:10

    Special in our spring camp: Robotics/Abacus/Handwriting/Chess + Fun Activities + Field Trip

    Timing: 9:15 am to 12.:15 pm 

    Fee for 1 month: 1000 + Materials

    Fee for 3 weeks: 750 + Materials

    Fee for half month: 600 + Materials

    Fee for 1 week: 400 + Materials

    Entry fee: AED 100

    Vat will be extra as per the UAE norms

    Transport fee applicable if required from residence

    Course Materials Fee: Completely depends on the program your child picks (Robotics/Abacus/Handwriting/Chess)

    The medium of instruction: English

    Teaching Aids:

    • Our teachers understand that each student requires individual attention. This is very much essential in their upbringing and so we take care of it essentially.
    • Without self-confidence, kids cannot achieve important things easily. So, we try and build confidence in them from the beginning.
    • Drawing/paintings/Crafts making/Science & Robotics, Abacus, Chess are few activities which kids do in our spring camp program.
    • With our specially designed training program, children will overcome stage phobia easily.
    • Based on the activity, we give individual kit for every student.
    • Our school vacation program will augment your kid’s general knowledge and their thinking capabilities.
    • We give enough confidence that will make them participate and gain good competency.
    • Our spring camp will help your child in removing competition phobia too.
    • After the successful completion of the spring camp, we give rewards and a certificate for all the kids for completing their program successfully.

    Benefits of our training:

    • Our spring break programs for kids will enhance their lateral thinking, creativity, social knowledge and build unity and fun.
    • Creativity, clarity, and Self-confidence will be gained by most of the students.
    • Understanding of concepts in-depth is very much necessary these days and we make it possible with our mentoring and quality teaching. After the training, we are sure that your kid will come out with flying colors.
    • Our trainers are always ready to infuse general awareness about nature to kids and make them think logically.
    • Our spring camp for kids is designed in such a way that they give a heavy improvement to the kids IQ.
    • Children will develop their skills in the course they have picked.
    • They will also expand their achievement skills and we assure it.


    • In our Abu Dhabi spring camps, we take children to out or excursions which will be weekly once; this will be a field trip.
    • We conduct diverse kinds of competitions at the end of the camp.
    • The parents Day event will be conducted too.
    • Workshops and Camping programs will be organized on a regular basis.

    How and why we are different from other training institutes?

    • We utilize different training techniques to make the children learn things effortlessly and easily.
    • Our aim is to make kids learn multiple skills under one roof.
    • We build fabulous learning and playing environment for the kids so that they will have a friendly behavior and great understanding with the remaining students.
    • Timings of our institute are very flexible and will be as per your needs and requirements.
    • Transportation is provided to everyone.
    • You will have 24 /7 flexible contacts with teachers and admin.
    • Every kid will have individual care by the teachers and staff.
    • If we think that a kid needs special attention, then we take an extra class for those kids who need individual attention.
    • We know that the safety of kids is of utmost concern and so we have them all covered with the CCTV surveillance.
    • We do offer a parents orientation program where parents can attend the program to understand more about us and our unique training programs.
    • We do level wise batch separation so that it’s easy to teach the kids.
    • Time Master is the best training center in Abu Dhabi as of now and offers kids the finest learning infrastructure.
    • Once the spring camp is successfully completed, we recognize the talented children and give rewards and appreciation.
    • At our training center, we assure good motivation, kind attention, and cooperation to the children.

    So, we believe that we have the best spring camps in Abu Dhabi at present. With a mix of extracurricular and co-curricular activities, we present your kids the best knowledge every day. Our training sessions are completely focussed on teaching your children good academics while they are having fun. Parents always call us and thank us for the kind of support and guidance we offer their kids. We are the only institute who is offering unique methods of training the students in these camps. With us, we guarantee that success will be yours always. Get in touch with us today and meet our experts who will take care of the rest.

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