Preschool - The Celebration of Childhood Begins Here!

Childhood experts agree “ Attending a high-quality preschool program prepares your kids for kindergarten and beyond”! Finding the best option for your child takes time and research. At Time Master Skills Development Center, we will get you started right.

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Our Playschool Features

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Our Curriculum

At Time Master Skills Development Center, we offer a balanced curriculum based on research and best practices for children of ages 2 to 6. 

We combine play, skill-building, social-emotional development opportunities, structured academics to promote your child’s success and overall a balance of indoor and outdoor activities under the watchful eye of our experts.

Key Focus
  • A Methodology for Play, Explore and Learn 
  • Learning through sensory experiences- Smell, Taste, Hear, Touch and See
  • Communication Building & Language Skills
  • Environmental and Community Awareness
  • Physical Development – Stimulating fine and gross motor coordination skills
  • Creative Expression & Problem-solving skills
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Toilet Training

Each learning experience is tailored to your child’s learning capabilities rather than their age. Classes are divided into four levels. Your child will participate in ongoing assessments to ensure that they progress through programs when they’re ready.

A DEDICATED TEAM-Inspiring Teachers

A Play School is your child’s first experience away from you. To ensure that this transition from home to school is a smooth process, we have specially trained staff & teachers at our Pre-School. As your little Prince or Princess takes the first step into a new world, he or she is not alone. Our staff and trainers are always there to help your child get comfortable in the nurturing environment of our Pre-School. 

The Best Nursery School in Abu Dhabi

Most parents wonder "Which are the best nurseries in Abu Dhabi? ‘How safe and hygienic is the preschool center near me? . Time Master Child Development Center with its “Child First” philosophy and a new-age Mindful Curriculum, emphasizes that the child will Play, Learn and Grow to imbibe essential life skills through exploration and discovery.

Integrated use of specially designed games, toys and technology in our Preschool curriculum makes learning fun and engaging for your little ones. Our emphasis on the child’s well-being and development, in close coordination with parents, makes the Time Master child development center, one of the best pre-schools in Abu Dhabi.

Why Choose Time Master Preschool for Your child? 

When selecting a preschool education center near you for your child, choose the one that has a proven record for excellence. Time Master Skills Development Center has locations in Abu Dhabi and Mussafah, providing the highest quality preschool program and educational experiences available for children. 

Our focus is on creating opportunities for children to use their natural curiosity to lead them through discovery, imagination, questioning, learning, and growing. We celebrate kids’ natural potential and desire to learn as we empower them to develop their ideas, concepts, and creations.

We provide :
  • Transportation if required
  • Flexibility - Parents can bring their children at their desired time
  • Faculty & staff members are available throughout the working hours to resolve any issues/queries
  • Extra classes for students that require additional support?

Preschool in Abu Dhabi

Time Master offers Preschool program at Abu Dhabi. We engage your kids through various fun filled activities and prepare them for their schooling. We help build their motor skills and make them ready for academic classes. Make your career easier and child happy with our services.

Preschool in Mussafah

Time Master offers a Preschool program at Mussafah to offer a safe and secure environment for kids. We engage kids with fun filled activities while parents are away. With well-equipped trainers and activities, we prepare students for their schooling and academic learning.


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