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    Chess Training:

    Chess is known as the game of wit. It’s a game that involves a high level of intellectualism and by introducing this course at Times Master, the child gets exposed to the basic concepts, rules and the method to play the game. We try to make the child an all-rounder and this cannot be accomplished alone by the methodologies of theoretical subjects. We have special sessions for the children that are 5 years and above in age as they are able to understand the concepts of this game. So, ready for the best chess classes in Abu Dhabi? If yes, Time Master should be your choice.

    If you have that zeal to learn chess or if you want to find and learn from other passionate people, we at Time Master offer classes for you. We provide chess training in Abu Dhabi for students of all capabilities. With the assistance of our trainers, children will get to know how each piece will play in a chess game. We will equip you with necessary guidance and support that will improve your game strategically. We have designed our training in a systematic manner and students are going to love it for sure! There may be many institutes here but, Time Master can only offer the best chess classes because of the expert chess professional who teach the students.

    Course Details:

    Below are the course details for your easy understanding:

    Eligibility: The minimum eligibility that is needed to attend our classes is 5+ years, which is primary and secondary class children.

    Duration: The duration of the course is for 2 years.

    Registration requirements: You will need a passport copy or a valid ID card for the registration process.

    Certified by: We are certified by the Time Master Skills Development Center, the head office of Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Teachers/Students Ratio: 1:10

    No. of levels: The number of levels is 6 and it depends on the age group.

    Level Duration: Level duration is 3 months/level

    Fee per level: AED 600

    Material fee: AED.100

    Entry fee: AED 100

    The medium of Instruction: English

    Teaching Aids:

    • We help children master their lateral thinking techniques easily. Our experts are at their guidance at every step in doing so.
    • We impart essential problems solving techniques to our student’s minds and they will be able to make wise decisions at critical times.
    • Our trainers will engage students in specific programs which help in boosting their Self-confidence and take it to the next level.
    • Our chess classes for kids will significantly improve their memory skills
    • We make every effort to motivate the students and this will result in wonderful results and better their logical thinking capabilities.
    • We give each student an individual kit so that they can practice and make themselves even better.
    • Besides all these, we also provide general Knowledge about coaching
    • We guarantee that the environment will be very competitive and friendly at the same time.

    The main intention of our chess courses in Abu Dhabi is to give the young minds a great foundation for a fabulous career and great chess learning. Of course, it takes time, but we and our trainers have a never give up attitude and hence, we are confident that we can make it. Also, chess learning is fun and if the students are ready to accept the beauty and move along, then they will be a master in no time.

    Benefits of our chess classes in Abu Dhabi:

    • Improving memory is given the utmost importance in our Time Master training institute.
    • We also help students know the value of timing
    • We make every effort to enhance the clarity for the students.
    • Our trainers have already become successful in boosting the self-confidence of many students till now and are on the verge of providing even better things in the future
    • Our trainers will guarantee there will be excellence in our coaching
    • We will also expose you the technical terminology of chess
    • Every effort is made on improving your practical knowledge and dexterity
    • We will increase your IQ power in such a way that you will be able to guess the next steps and also perform timely actions in no time

    This game has scientifically proved to be beneficial as it sharpens the mental skills, improves the power of concentration, enhances the IQ level of an individual and most importantly kills the chances of Alzheimer's disease. We at Time Master have an aim to provide chess classes for kids so as to make them excel in their academics as well. Unless the mind of a child is not sharp, he/she will not be able to understand the concepts of the subjects that are being taught. Not only children but teenagers are also welcome to avail this course at Time Master in Abu Dhabi as this will fetch a lot more benefits in the future.


    • Level exam event will be conducted once in 3 months.
    • The national level competition will be conducted once in a year.
    • The international level competition will be organized once in a year.
    • Workshops are given greater importance here as they can learn more skills through these kinds of programs.
    • The inter-school competition will be happening frequently.

    What makes us different?

    We are the best chess training institute in Abu Dhabi. We are different from other institutes in many ways:

    • We offer a worldwide transferable certificate to the students
    • The timings are very flexible and according to your convenience
    • Transportation is made available
    • We make the faculty and staff members available all the time in case if students get any doubts.
    • Each of the students will be offered individual attention while they are playing the game. Any mistakes they commit will be rectified on the spot.
    • For more practice to the students, we also provide extra classes
    • Your students' safety is our concern and hence we have them covered with the CCTV surveillance
    • We organize periodical parents orientation
    • We also provide a periodical report on student’s performance
    • We give proper Report to the parent based on the level
    • There are separate batches made available for every level
    • Every student enjoys good infrastructure and facilities at our institute
    • We reward and give appreciation for toppers too
    • The environment inside our institute is very friendly
    • Besides all these, we give good motivation and cooperation for the student’s development

    So, ready to join our chess training in Abu Dhabi? If yes, give us a call today.

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