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    A course that can change the course of your kid’s life

    Smart Kids Abacus, as the name indicates, will make your child an expert in the abacus counting and calculations. We provide the simplest, basic and animated Computer based tutorial with voice explanation. It’s an art of brain development to increase speed, creativity and memory skills which automatically results in students over all development and lays a solid foundation for all learning.

    It develops an ability to utilize the left and right brain functions simultaneously Neurologists say that we do not use our brain fully, we generally use the left part of the brain.But with abacus training we start using our right part also which ultimately results in overall sharper brain.

    Why Smart Kids Abacus:

    Every parents want their children to be smarter and sharper than the other kids. It’s their dream to see their kid do better than the competition. Smart kids abacus lays the foundation and equips your kid with skills that will help them excel for the rest of their lives. Smart Kids Abacus is the best investment you will make for your kid.Children who learn abacus generally achieve higher academic performance not only in arithmetic but also in all other subjects because of their concentration and problem solving ability.

    Many Educational Institutions around the world are incorporating Abacus in their regular syllabus with the aim of sharpening the basic mathematical skills in students. Extensive research on the subject has consistently proved that regular practice in Abacus results in a more proficient and sharper brain

    • Increase your kid’s speed of arithmetic calculations with accurate results
    • Improves memory and concentration power
    • Self confidence
    • Improves kids’ absorption power
    • Improves writing and listening power
    • Improves imaginary and visualization power
    • Develops logical understanding
    • Improves creative skills

    At the end of this programme, child can do Addition, Substraction, Multiplication and Division large numbers with greater speed than the calculator and computer, because ABACUS is the father of modern computer

    • Brain Development
    • Fun Improve memory
    • For fast & accurate mental arithmetic
    • Your child will conquer Math
    • Make your child the genius he can be

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