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    robotics courses for kids, best robotics Training Institute in Abu Dhabi

    Robotics Training:

    Robotics classes are breath-taking! Students indulge in creating robots, which commonlyneedsorganized learning path and skill on the necessary tools. We, at Time Master, have a mission to motivate the thoughts, offeringneeded assistance for students on Robotics with the in-depth understanding of STEM concepts through practical sessions.These things will provide students a winning experience to inspire a whole new kind of interactive learning. Time Master is offering quality Robotics classes in Abu Dhabi for students who want to grow in the field of Robotics.

    Robotics is a field that is growing continuously and will witness more advancement in the near future. Keeping this in mind, the institutes and universities across the world are providing the best Robotics coaching classes for students. Our Robotics Training will certainly help the budding scientists. We, at Time Master Skills Development Center, have introduced the robotics as a part of our curriculum. If you think that kids aren’t capable to understand the logics and concepts, don’t worry because we make them learn robotics in a fun way. We help children’s learn how to design, develop and build robots through toy bricks and this helps to recognize the interest of the child in the field of engineering.

    Course Details:

    Below are the complete details of our Robotics training in Abu Dhabi. Give a read:

    Eligibility: The minimum eligibility to attend our classes is 5+ years, which is primary and secondary class children.

    Duration: The Duration of the course is 2 years.

    No. of levels: The number of levels depends as per the category.

    Level Duration: Level duration is 3 months/level

    Registration Requirements: You musthave a Passport copy or a Valid ID card for registration.

    Certified by: We are certified by the Time Master Skills Development Center, the head office of Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Teachers/Students Ratio: 1:10

    Fee per level: AED 900

    Course Materials: AED 500/level

    The medium of instruction: English

    Teaching Aids:

    • We teach STEM classes for kids in a systematic approach.
    • We explore the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical concepts and logic behind each concept.
    • We also help our students learn more about Mechanical designs.
    • Our experienced trainers will help in imparting Programming skills in your kids.
    • Our support and guidance will help to assemble and dismantle the robots easily.
    • For effective learning, we give individual kit for each and every student.
    • We impart sufficient general Knowledge about Robotics and the fundamentals behind the working models.

    These are some kinds of assistance we give to our students in helping them reach their highest caliber and bring about their innate potential.

    Benefits of our Robotics classes in Abu Dhabi:

    • We build innovative thinking capabilities in your students that will help them in doing outstanding robotics project s in the future.
    • Our trainers will give their highest efforts to enhance the creativity of our students.
    • Our offer utmost knowledge in science and engineering
    • Our training will enhance clarity and confidence
    • We make every effort to boost students self-confidence
    • After getting trained at us, you will achieve excellence in Robotics and Programming
    • We will expose you to technical words that help them in mastering this course easily
    • We make every effort to enhance practical knowledge through working models
    • With our training, you IQ power increases to the core

    At Time Master, we understand that Robotics is an important course as seen in the present scenario and here are some points that will support it:

    S.T.E.M- Science, Training, Engineering, and Mathematics are for the brainiacs. But, brainiacs are recognized at an early age. We strongly believe that providing robotics training to young minds is our way of contributing to the development of the country.

    Problem Solving Ability: The response of 'how does that happen' leads the children towards imperative thinking skills. This will surely make the child mentally sharp for solving the problem. Our STEM Training institute in Abu Dhabi will make the training even better and knowledgeable by imparting the advanced skills to the students. We know that career in Robotics is booming and widespread today. So, making a career out of it will be worth the while. Critical thinking, problem solving and leadership are the core values which we impart to the students.


    • Level exam event will be conducted once in 3 months.
    • The national level competition will be conducted once in a year.
    • The international level competition will be organized once in a year.
    • We also organize workshops to enhance the student’s ability and creative skills.
    • Inter-school competitions will be conducted on a regular basis.

    How we are different from other Institutes?

    • We provide students with the Worldwide Transferable certificate
    • You will have flexible timings when you get trained at the Time Master training institute
    • Transportation is provided
    • Our faculty and staff members are available at any time to offer the best services whenever they have any queries
    • We offer individual attention to each and every student because our batches are small in number. So, it’s easy for students to learn and improve more with effective teaching in small numbers
    • If students ask for more practice and progress their abilities, we offer them extra classes as well for more practice and improved learning
    • We provide a safe and secure environment for your kids with CCTV surveillance
    • There will be periodical parents orientation
    • Periodical report on student’s performance will be presented frequently so that you can access the student’s skills, how they are improving and what more can be done to enhance their skills
    • We also provide a report to parents based on the level
    • We made sure that there are separate batches available for each and every level
    • When it comes to infrastructure, we made sure that we have excellent infrastructure for better learning for the students and also we have provided quality facilities for student’s convenience
    • Every now and then, we give best toppers rewards and appreciations too
    • The environment at Time Master Institute is always friendly and it promotes the growth of students effectively.

    Finally, we can say that for Robotics Courses in Abu Dhabi, reach only us because we have seen how the best things happen and hence can guide our students smoothly and skilfully.

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