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    Language Courses for Kids in Abu Dhabi,

    Language Courses Training:

    Time Masters is an eminent name amongst the leading coaching centers that provides excellent language courses to the students. With a globalized economy and fast-changing world, learning a new language opens up unprecedented opportunities for you. Thus, do not lose this opportunity and enroll your child in one of our exceptional language courses today. We have qualified teachers and native speakers associated with our company, who are experienced in conducting customized sessions for kids as well as adults.

    We are providing the best language courses for CBSE syllabus. Below are the 3 language courses that are taught in our Time Master institute in Abu Dhabi:

    Arabic training in Abu Dhabi:

    Time Master Institute is offering the finest Arabic training in Abu Dhabi at present. Our trainers are highly experienced and will help yourkids to master the Arabic language with ease. We begin with vocabulary flashcards and assist children in memorisingthe Arabic words and their meanings easily. We have designed an interactive course which in such a way that it is very easy to learn for children.

    Hindi language training:

    Time Master is offering the best Hindi coaching courses for students who want to master this language. We start right from how to succeed in pronunciation of words easily, make the children learn vocabulary and also assist them in easy writing of the language. We have very interactive training sessions and after our training, students will be able to speak Hindi language effectively.

    English language training:

    English is a universally recognized language and learning it will make you survive and face many things in a simple way. Time Master Institute is providing the best English language courses in Abu Dhabi for children who want to improve their English language speaking.

    Course Details:

    Eligibility: The minimum eligibility required to join our language courses is 3+ years, which is nursery, primary and secondary class students.

    Duration: Class duration depends on the level of the student.

    Registration Requirements: You need a Passport copy or a Valid ID card for registration to be completed.

    Certified by: We are certified by the Time Master Skills Development Center, the head office of Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Teachers/Students Ratio: 1:10

    The number of levels: As per the requirement.

    Level Duration: As per the requirement.

    Fee per level: Fee collected will be as per the subject i.e. Arabic, Hindi, and English.

    Entry fee: AED. 100

    The medium of Instruction: English and as per the subject.

    Teaching Aids:

    If you are planning to make your kids learn the language courses in Abu Dhabi, then you are in the right place. Our teachers are so kind and caring and will help your kids in easy learning of the languages.

    • The syllabus will be as per the grade.
    • By providing the previous year’s question papers, we prepare them better on how the pattern can be.
    • PPT presentations will be presented to make the students understand better and get a grip on the subject.
    • The Arabic, Hindi, and English courses are offered to the students by using the projector while training our students.
    • Instructions for the students will be given on how to make a good presentation in the exams
    • Our experts work persistently to enhance your children’s general knowledge related to the specific subject i.e. Arabic, Hindi, and English.
    • We only prefer qualified teachers for training children.
    • Exam Worksheets will be given.
    • Question Banks will be given to the students for better learning and to know important topics for reading.

    Advantages of Time Master Language courses in Abu Dhabi:

    • Our expert trainers always find modern ways to make the students learn the concepts.
    • Our techniques are designed in a way that, children find them very easy to learn.
    • Application related teaching will be given to the children.
    • We provide practical examples of how things work out while learning Arabic, Hindi, and English language courses.
    • We will improve the student’s self-confidence significantly.
    • We offer diverse school worksheets.
    • Our expert staff always lay emphasis on technical skills learning.
    • Practical knowledge enhancement sessions will be provided.
    • Individual attention is one thing that we all give high preference to, which is helping the students to learn the course very quickly than we believed.

    It is a widely known fact that only 48 days of dedication is required to learn a complete language. However, it takes almost 72 days to bring fluency in a difficult language. The bar is not similar for kids. They require more attention and time to properly understand a language and become fluent in it. However, kids can attentively learn various new languages as compared to adults, as they are more enthusiastic and capable. Our teachers ensure that each child understands the concepts properly and the base of the language is clear to all the students.

    Besides Arabic, Hindi, and English, we also offer French, Tamil, and Malayalam language courses. The procedure of enrolling in our language courses is hassle-free and the charges are reasonable. Therefore, open for your child a wide scope of opportunities by enrolling him/her in our excellent language courses today.


    • Our trainers will conduct tests after each chapter.
    • Parents and Teachers meeting will be organized after the results.
    • Once a year, we identify the best student and give him/her rewards and appreciation.

    Why we are unique and best compared to other institutes?

    • We provide a worldwide transferable certificate.
    • Flexibility is one of the important things that we have and hence parents can bring their children at their desired time.
    • Transportation is made available.
    • We make the faculty and staff members always available to the students so that they can solve their queries whenever needed.
    • We also offer individual guidance and care to every student and monitor them regularly.
    • Extra classes will be made available for the students if they want more practice.
    • We offer a safe and secure environment to the students as they are under the CCTV surveillance all the time.
    • Periodical parent’s orientation will be conducted.
    • Periodical report on your children’s performance will be presented.
    • We give proper Report to the parent based on the level.
    • Separate batches are available for every level.
    • The infrastructure and facilities are of top quality and students will not face any difficulties when they are in our institute.
    • We identify top students and rewarded them often.
    • We have laid a foundation for a very friendly environment in our institute.
    • Our teachers are very kind, will motivate students, and also cooperate with the students.

    So, we give language courses for school subjects as well as other subjects too. Give us a call today and shape your children’s future!

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