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    handwriting classes for kids in Abu Dhabi,

    Handwriting Training:

    It’s a known fact that good handwriting goes a long way in shaping your child's future. Not only it does help them in acquiring good marks, it’s a lifelong gift that you can give your child. While child's writing keeps changing and improving with age, what is important is to learn the right formation of letters which will help throughout their lives. Time Master is now providing handwriting classes in Abu Dhabi for your kids. It’s very much essential for anyone to write very well in good handwriting, only then whatever you write can enhance. Handwriting also plays an important role in improving your grades.

    Good handwriting will not just play a crucial role in your child’s life but also showcases the child’s creativity and adds to their confidence. It also goes a long way in developing a positive personality and encouragesthe child to reading & writing.Time Master has a range of sessions available to meet your timings including weekdays and weekends.Our experienced tutors will ensure your child is learning from the best in the business. We guarantee permanent improvement in your child's handwriting. We can assure you that we will improve your children’s handwriting in just 7 days only!

    Course Details:

    Below are the course details of our handwriting training in Abu Dhabi:

    Eligibility: The minimum eligibility required to attend our handwriting Courses in Abu Dhabiis 5+ years, which is primary and secondary class children.

    Duration: The duration of the course is (15 + 15) days. We guarantee that your kid will write beautifully after getting trained with us.

    Registration requirements: You must submit a passport copy or a valid ID card for the registration process.

    Certified by: We are certified by the Time Master Skills Development Center, the head office of Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Teachers/Students Ratio: 1:10

    No. of levels: The number of levels is 2.

    Level Duration: Level duration is 15 days/level

    Fee per level: AED 500(Five Hundred only)

    Entry + Course materials fee: AED 100

    The medium of Instruction: English

    Training Aids:

    • Personal attention will be given the highest importance for your kids.
    • We help boost the self-confidence to the highest level.
    • After our training, your kid will improve handwriting significantly
    • We help your child to stimulate the speed of writing.
    • Our trainers will provide individual kit for each and every student.
    • We also give training about the key points to remember while writing something, i.e., we impart sufficient general knowledge about handwriting.
    • We guarantee that the environment will be very competitive and the students will enjoy it to the core.

    Advantages of handwriting classes with Time Master:

    There are many advantages of learning handwriting classes at Time Master. We would love to list here a few:

    • We help your kids in the easy improvement of handwriting
    • We teach your kids the importance of timing
    • After our training, kids will get improved clarity in whatever they do
    • We support and guide your kids in boosting the self-confidence
    • Your kid will achieve excellence in exams after getting training in our handwriting training institute in Abu Dhabi.

    These are only a few; there are many more advantages your kid would get out of our handwriting classes. As we make children participate in handwriting competitions, they will aim at infusing a sense of confidence whenever they reach their potential.

    Time Master offers one of its kind conceptual programs that offer all handwriting solutions. Our experts first examine how the kid’s handwriting is, and then they design techniques that will help in easy improvement. Our ground-breaking procedures will not only work on enhancing your handwriting but also offer support in choking the technical problems effortlessly. Even if your kid is writing sloppy or unreadable writing, we can also help them. Our course pattern is designed very well in this format and the kids will find it very helpful.


    • The level exam will be conducted once every 15 days.
    • Inter-school competitions will be conducted on a regular basis.

    Why we are unique and what differentiates us from other institutes?

    • We deliver our students with the worldwide transferable certificate
    • Timings of our institute are very much flexible and hence many parents choose us. Our intention is to offer handwriting training to all kids and hence we offer whenever they are free.
    • Transportation is provided to all.
    • We request faculty and staff members to be available at any time in case the students have any doubts. So, they are made available at all times
    • We provide individual attention to each and every student. Only then, we will come to know where they have concerns and help them solve them easily
    • If kids need more practice, extra classes will also be provided.
    • Safety is given prime importance at Time Master Institute. We have completed surrounded the institute with CCTV surveillance
    • Periodical parents orientation is organized frequently
    • Periodical report on kids performance is informed to parents whenever required
    • Proper report will be sent to the parent based on the level
    • Separate batches are made available for each and every level
    • We have laid supreme importance to quality training and infrastructure, so that students do not face any difficulties
    • Once in a while, best toppers are rewarded and given appreciation
    • Friendly environment is created for children so that they don’t feel uncomfortable
    • We always try and motivate the kids in a fun way, so that they cooperate with us and learn easily

    Finally, we can say that the Time Master institute is good at providing the best handwriting classes in Abu Dhabi at present. Our main goal is to infuse the significance of good handwriting skills. Our professional trainers will make every effort to master your kids within no time. We have already served so many kids by giving the right kind of training and they are now very much successful. Parents of the students thank us a lot whenever they visit our institute. Moreover, we have got so much attention among rest of the institutes because we have a unique way of doing things and also we offer the handwriting training classes in our institute at a reasonable price compared to others in the market.

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