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    Abacus Training:

    Abacus is a device that is used to make mathematic calculations, comprising of a frame set with bars on which balls are moved. It is familiar as a calculation toy by most of the individuals. Our trainers at Time Master make use of abacus to give training to the young minds and sharpen their mathematical skills. Our Abacus classes in Abu Dhabi by Time Master are designed specifically to impart significant development of brain for the children. It is definitely a boon to the present kids because it facilitates them to not just utilize their mental maths but also make use of all their functions, which is left and right brain. Our trainers who give abacus training in Abu Dhabi also work in agreement with the child’s thinking.

    We understand the sole importance of playing in children’s development and hence we have implemented playful types of techniques to teach lessons to our students. So, it makes them learn this with a joyful experience and the learning will be highly effective. With our Abacus courses in Abu Dhabi, your child’s calculation skills will become very sharp in less amount of time. Learning the calculations through abacus helps in enhancing your kid’s memory and improves his/her thinking power besides improving the mental speed of calculating the numbers quickly.

    Course Details:

    Eligibility: The minimum eligibility to attend our abacus classes is 5+ years, which is primary and secondary class children.

    No. of levels: The number of levels is 10 and it depends on the age group and also as per the category.

    Level Duration: Level duration is 3 months/level

    Registration Requirements: You need a Passport copy or a Valid ID card for registration.

    Certified by: We are certified by the Time Master Skills Development Center, the head office of Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Teachers/Students Ratio: 1:12

    Fee per level: AED 900

    Course Materials: AED. 300 (Inclusive of all level)

    The medium of instruction: English

    Features: Below are some incredible features of our training program. Give a read:

    • Our training on mental maths classes in Abu Dhabi is very unique and methodical.
    • Our abacus training by well-trained instructors is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.
    • Our abacus training works as per the input of any arithmetic problem with suitable functions such as +-x/ (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)
    • One amazing feature is, it calculates and provides the output automatically with the demonstration of precise finger movements.
    • Another great feature of our training is that we help you improve the speed by effective use of timers.
    • Also, facilitate speed writing of books.
    • We also provide activity using memory cards and flash cards.
    • We have efficient teaching techniques and methodologies for oral calculation.
    • We help you enhance your abilities irrespective of your present abilities.
    • To make children learn this, our teachers also go through a few knowledge sharing sessions which helps them better themselves and equip kids with sufficient skill.

    These are few of the amazing features offered by Time Master in our best abacus coaching classes. There are more features which will be known once the children attend the training classes.

    Benefits of our training:

    Here are the incredible benefits of our training:

    • Our training will enhance mental skills such as concentration, logic, auditory, imagining, processing, responsiveness, etc.
    • Our trainers will help in developing skills and abilities to examine, process, learn patterns, identify and solve typical problems.
    • We also help in improving the calculating speed.
    • Increase of memory power quickly is one excellent thing about this training.
    • We help in adopting fundamental math facts, patterns, and relationships.
    • Another amazing benefit of our training is that it will help improve clarity.
    • We shall take enough measures to improve your presentation skills.
    • Children’s will achieve Excellency in mathematics.
    • Improve their capability and skill to express and apply relationships for solutions.
    • Adapt the method of mental calculations.
    • Develop tenacity.
    • Speeds up the calculation process.
    • Enhances IQ power.
    • Greater boost in self-confidence.

    There are many more benefits like these! Time Master teaches children abacus skills because learning abacus has become essential in many schools. Thus, your child will not feel alienated when he/she will be introduced to the abacus in the future. Besides this, we all agree that not all children like the subject of mathematics as they cannot perform the right calculations and this, in turn, makes them down in this subject ahead. This may leave a bad impression of being a dunce in this subject.

    Hence, parents will say yes to proper coaching by selecting the right training institute who excel in abacus training. We, the Time Master are the best abacus institute in Abu Dhabi at present because our training is full of fun ways to learn which helps in learning difficult mathematical calculation in no time.


    • Events will be conducted on a regular basis.
    • There will be National level competitions once every year.
    • International level competition once every year.
    • Level exams will be conducted once in 3 months.
    • Besides these, there will also be grading exams.

    How we are different and unique compared to other institutes?

    There are many things that differentiate us from the rest. Here are a few things we do, that make us unique and preferred institute for abacus training.

    • We help in whole brain development
    • We offer worldwide transferable certificate
    • Our timings are very flexible compared to other institutes
    • Transportation is made available
    • We make sure that faculty and staff members are always available
    • Individual attention is laid much importance in our institute
    • For increased practice, there are extra classes made available
    • We have taken utmost safety measures for the children with enough CCTV surveillance
    • There will be periodical parent’s orientation program
    • Also, we have a periodical report on student’s performance
    • There are separate batches made available for each level
    • Infrastructure is one of the things we have taken greater importance for providing our students with the best quality facilities
    • The environment will be very friendly and supportive
    • We also recognize students efforts and give them rewards and appreciation

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