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    Emotional Intelligence: Smarter Children & Brighter Future


    "Bring out your best using emotional intelligence and get Ultimate Success”

     Ultimate Success = Education + Hard Work + Emotional Intelligence

    What is Emotional Intelligence?

    Emotional intelligence is a proven science which consists of techniques and tools to manage individual’s emotions. It develops essential smartness in individuals to handle feelings and emotions which helps for Ultimate Success in life. This is basically achieved since Emotions are linked with our body & mind and intelligent balancing of emotions leads to positive mental state. Ultimately this leads to a healthy body and a healthy mind.

    Why ‘Emotional Intelligence’ Course is required?

    As we all are aware that today's techno-socio world is basically governed by internet, Google and other social media platforms where lot of unfiltered information is available. If used without proper prejudices, it may lead to lot of confusion and distraction in children.  Does it mean that shall we run away from internet? Answer is “Big NO”. Then what is the solution …. Here comes the role and importance of Emotional intelligence!!!


    Emotional intelligence techniques develops the skills in individuals to handle with such kind of perturbing issues by inculcating the habits of self regulation, self awareness., emotional strength and provides necessary social intelligence.


    Course Strengths:

    1 This Course Syllabus is designed to develop a child's emotional and social intelligence.

    2 This Course focuses on understanding emotions to make it their biggest strength.

    3 This Course brings self and social responsibility in a child to develop him/her self as a successful social being.

    4 This Course is based on activities and practical exercises which are directly linked with real life.

    5 Learning with fun and motivation.


    Course Details:

    Eligibility: 7+years 

    No of level: 2 

    Level Duration: 3 months/level

    Registration Requirements: You need a Passport copy or a Valid ID card for registration.

    Certified by: We are certified by the Time Master Skills Development Center, the head office of Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Teachers/Students Ratio: 1:15

    Fee per level: AED 900

    Course Materials: Dhs. 100 (Inclusive of all level)

    The medium of instruction: English




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